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Tea Sample Magazine is a source of regularly updated original articles and products exploring and sampling the world of tea. Our mission is to give you a sample and taste of tea and the rich history, culture, diversity, and production of the drink. Our regularly updated articles focus on: tea culture, tea production, and different types of teas. Tea Sample Magazine and Teasample.com are owned and operated by SteepLeaf Trading Co., Inc. of Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.

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Your Tea Sample Staff


  Dr. Peter Wegner, Editor

Peter is the editor and content manager of Tea Sample. He has a PhD in Rhetoric and Linguistics. He has been a teacher of writing and communication theory at the university level for over a decade. He spends his free time hiking in the red rocks of Arizona.

Peter's Favorite Teas: Darjeeling, Rooibos, Golden Monkey, and Masala Chai.

  Kurt Wegner, Manager

Kurt is the business manager of Tea Sample. With a background in Philosophy, and over two decades of management experience, he has held professional leadership roles, worked giving life guidance, and as a public speaker. Kurt's hobbies are cooking and sailing.

Kurt's Favorite Teas: Egyptian Shai Balady, Earl Grey, Jasmine, and Rooibos.

Contributing Writers

Sophie Ibbotson

London, United Kingdom

Sophie Ibbotson is a British tea aficionado who has travelled more than 20,000 miles overland in pursuit of the perfect cup of tea. She is the co-founder of the Tracing Tea project, and regularly lectures and writes about tea in all its varied guises. She has published in Newsweek, the Financial Times, the Sunday Telegraph, and five travel books for Bradt Guides.

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Sharmila Mukherjee

Assam, India

Sharmila Mukherjee is surrounded by tea and tea culture in her home of Assam, India. She has a Master's Degree in Social Science and years of teaching experience in both English and History. Sharmila has worked with the Times of India and as a private school principal.

Sharmila's Favorite Tea: A blend of Assam and long leaf from Darjeeling - mainly the Lopchu orange pekoe.

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Johnny Vineaux

London, United Kingdom

Johnny Vineaux is a published author, critic and journalist - and an avid tea enthusiast. He enjoys exploring the teashops and society of his home city of London. He has had articles published in The Guardian, contributed to best-selling e-books, and directed successful advertising campaigns. He was educated at the University of Westminster in English Literature.

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Lindsay Zortman

Iowa, United States

Lindsay Zortman has worked as a writer since 2001. Her work focuses on topics about health, children, family issues and other health-related topics. She is a featured writer with the National Brain Tumor Foundation. Zortman is a nationally certified counselor and enjoys helping families plan fresh all natural meal plans. Lindsay's Favorite Tea: Zhena's Gypsy Tea Coconut Chai.

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Maria Ilyas

Karachi, Pakistan

Maria Ilyas is a passionate writer and writes about all interesting things that happen locally in her home country of Pakistan and the rest of the world too. She is particularly mesmerized by the unique culture and traditions of her home country. She loves tea and the culture and history connected to the drink. Maria's Favorite Teas: Jasmine Green Tea and Tetley Gold Tea.

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Rose Keefe

Ontario, Canada

Rose Keefe spent nearly ten years working in the coffee and tea industry before leaving to pursue a writing career. Her articles have appeared in national and regional publications, and she continues to write on the subjects of tea and coffee for both online and print magazines. Rose's favourite teas are Tetley Rooibos Red Tea and Twinings Okayti White Darjeeling.

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