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The mystic heights of the Yunnan province are the original home to the rare and delightful Golden Monkey Tea. The tea itself has been grown for hundreds of years, but only recently developed and exported for the world to enjoy. This rare black tea is coveted throughout China, and has recently come to the attention of tea drinkers in other parts of the world. Enjoying Golden Monkey Tea is a treat and often a special occasion for individuals throughout the world. Finding a good quality version of this tea can take time and is often more expensive than other black teas.


This delicious form of black tea comes from China - specifically Fujian and Yunnan provinces, and is picked from the first bud of the leaf. Today, the Chinese provinces of Yunnan and Fujian are the largest producers of Golden Monkey Tea with each region picking their tea early in the spring.

The name "Golden Monkey" comes from the golden threads throughout the leaf of the tea. The tea leafs often have a look that is similar to a monkey claw. The light honey and peach flavor of the tea also helped inspire the name of the tea. 

Many people highly value the Golden Monkey Tea because it was handpicked and processed only during a short season. Today there are many producers who have automated the process, mostly for Golden Monkey Tea that is sold in bags. However, the highest quality Golden Monkey Black is produced by organic farms that use hand-picking.

Preparation for Perfection

Ideally you will have loose leaf Golden Monkey Tea to prepare. The leaf’s are larger than a typical black tea leaf and will expand greatly when placed in hot water.

Use a kettle to soak this tea then drain the tea into your cup. You can find Golden Monkey Tea in bag form also which is prepared by steeping for approximately three minutes. This tea is best if you can brew the water to a temperature of between 195 to 215 degrees.

There is a large variety of ways to drink this tea because it is such a light flavor. Many people enjoy adding honey or lemon to the tea to make it even sweeter than it already is. Another popular way to drink this tea is to add milk to the tea, although this is most often used in a small amount. This tea can be poured over ice to make a unique iced tea, but many people find the flavor is not quite right for this type of drinking.

Compared to Other Black Tea

Golden Monkey Tea is a much lighter tea than other black teas and it does not contain as much caffeine either. The long straight leaf of Golden Monkey is golden color which is also unique when compared to other black teas; although when the tea is brewed the liquid turns a deep red color. The unique flavor that comes from Golden Monkey has no real comparison to other teas. This light and sweet flavor is often only tasted in green teas.

Enjoying this tea is simple and easy. Finding a good quality version of the tea may be much harder. When looking for a Golden Monkey Tea, try to find a loose leaf tea that is handpicked to ensure the authentic flavor of the tea. While sipping the tea, envision it being picked from the high mountains of China in the midst of a monsoon. The incredible labor that went into developing this tea will pull you into the flavor and catapult you to the Yunnan province of China.

Sit back and enjoy this tea during your morning newspaper or sip on it throughout your day at work. This caffeinated tea is not overpowering and can blend in well with any meal you have. It is best if you use this tea within one year of it being picked to ensure the light flavor of the tea and to avoid the damaging effects of storage. This fresh delicious tea will quickly become one of your favorites.

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